4th week 9/15/2016

On Monday we had to do this paper about all the different types of stuff that made the boxes more life like they are called  the 12 different principles the first one is squash and stretch you had to squeeze the teapot and make it look like it was extending in the air  and you had to move  the teapot up so it looked like it was jumping in the air and the move it down to make it look like in was crunching up as it landed and that was pretty easy for me and so I started on the second one and that was Anticipation and that was a hard one to do because it was a teapot and in the example it was a squarer but I made it happen. I had to use the bend modifier and bend the right side and then the left side and then I tilted it on the right side and did a bend and then i tilted it to the left and moved it up to make it look like it was doing a back flip so I was slowly moving it up and rotating it slowly and as it landed and played on the video I was pretty proud of myself and that is what I did for the forth week.    squash-and-strech


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