Week 6

On Monday we came back from spring break and I did not have a lot of energy to do anything but I did and we had to do a lighting for a little villa And I made a sun for it and did and that’s what I was doing Monday and on Tuesday I was … More Week 6

5th week 9/22/2016

On Monday I worked on the principles and we only had to do certain ones and that was principle was 1,2,5,7,8,10. One was really fun to do and one is squash and stretch and I used the a teapot with it and went on the modifier list  and used the stretch modifier and kinda squished … More 5th week 9/22/2016

4th week 9/15/2016

On Monday we had to do this paper about all the different types of stuff that made the boxes more life like they are called  the 12 different principles the first one is squash and stretch you had to squeeze the teapot and make it look like it was extending in the air  and you … More 4th week 9/15/2016

3rd WEEK 9/8/16

Tuesday is when we had to start our work because we did not have to go to school because of Labor Day but on Tuesday I had to work on my report because I did not finish and it took me a while but then I started on my project the building one and it … More 3rd WEEK 9/8/16